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Number 1 Published by Chris Tover May 12, 2005

The Bridget is an e-journal of opinion. Mine!
And I am not afraid of controversy.

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This e-journal is dedicated to the memory of my mother. To her family and friends she left a legacy of moral, social, and political activism.

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My Manifesto

This newsletter will present my views on the Old Testament. I am a religious liberal, but I am neither Christian, nor Jewish, not Muslim, nor Hindu, nor Buddhist, nor pagan. I am sympathetic toward all faith communities that promote the values of human dignity, freedom, tolerance, reason, and a responsible search for truth and meaning. But I am beholden to nobody for my views.

My fascination with the Old Testament began with a reading of 'Who Wrote the Bible?' by Richard Friedman. To examine Friedman's views, I began to read the Old Testament seriously. And I was appalled by what I read. In order to understand Old Testament, I felt a need to penetrate the mysteries and to peel back the layers of meaning, of history, of mythology and propaganda. I am interested in how these ancient people lived, what they knew, what they thought and what they experienced.

I am deeply influenced by the work of the scholars of the critical school. I note that the critical scholars generally subscribe to some version of the 'documentary hypothesis'. But they often differ on particular details. Therefore, I feel emboldened to formulate my understanding of the biblical texts and to publish my conclusions. This, I feel, puts me within the great tradition of rabbinical commentary on the scriptures.

I have come to understand that there is mythology in the Bible. And there is much mythology about the Bible. There is much misunderstandingm and much misinformation about the Old Testament. Oftentimes my conclusions are completely opposite the conclusions of prominent religious figures.

The Bridget will present my views on Old Testament topics from a liberal perspective. I offer my views in order to stimulate discussion, debate and controversy in the hope that this will lead to a better understanding of the Scriptures. Religious liberals should not abandon bible study. Remember, if you let others control the past, they will control your future.

It is only in my retirement that I have become seriously engaged in an independent study of the Bible. Now I have decided to share my explorations with you. In fulfillment of my religious liberalism, this search for truth and meaning is intended to achieve a truthful understanding of the biblical texts.

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